About Us

Aloha! At Hawaiian Shirtopia, our mission is simple: to spread Aloha around the world through the Hawaiian shirt. Since their inception in the 1930s, Hawaiian shirts have come to symbolize the relaxed, care-free attitude associated with life here in the islands. We believe that by putting on a Hawaiian shirt, you’re putting on a more positive and easy-going attitude. Live life with love, compassion, patience, and humility. These things are the embodiment of the Spirit of Aloha.

We strive to offer you a wide selection of tropical shirts for all your Hawaiian shirt needs. Whether you’re looking for an eye-watering party shirt, or a more subdued shirt for a more refined social event, or even matching shirts for a group activity, we’ve got you covered. We ship shirts across town and across the globe, all in an effort to share these wearable pieces of Aloha with as many people as possible.