Top 10 Aloha Shirts of 2018

We don't recommend buying a shirt just because other people like it, but it is interesting to see what shirts were the most popular last year. As the year progressed, it became apparent that people were loving the beer shirts and we see this continuing in 2019 so far. And towards the end of the year, we saw a surge of interest in the flamingo shirt. This year, that trend has also continued as flamingos remains a hot theme. Anyways, for those of you who care, here are top 10 shirts from last year. 

10. Fearless Flamingo (black)

Fearless Flamingo black Hawaiian shirt

9. Shark Tornado (blue)

Shark Tornado (blue)

8. Hot Sauce Hero

Hot Sauce Hero Hawaiian shirt

7. Turtle Attack (blue)

Turtle Attack blue Hawaiian shirt

6. Burning Sky (blue)

Burning Sky blue Hawaiian shirt

5. Wish You Were Beer

Wish You Were Beer Hawaiian shirt

4. Beer Fest (white)

Beer Fest white Hawaiian shirt

3. Beer Fest (navy)

Beer Fest navy Hawaiian shirt

2. Tiki Enforcer

Tiki Enforcer yellow Hawaiian shirt

1. Turtle Attack (orange)

Turtle Attack orange Hawaiian shirt