Our Hawaiian Shirt Picks for Father's Day

It is said that a dad is a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love. He can play like a kid, give advice like a friend, and protect like a body guard. And as he gets older, it’s those little moments he spends with you that matter the most to him. So, it probably doesn’t matter what you get him as long as you spend time with him and let him know how much he means to you. With that in mind, we’ve picked out some of our favorite shirts for Father’s Day. 

Loud and Proud
If your dad’s style is not-so-subtle, these loud shirts in bold contrast colors will definitely get some attention. These are the kinds of shirts we like to offer. One of our favorites is Rumble in the Jungle

We also recommend something like the I Speak Whale shirts. These shirts are not only bold in color, but they are also full of lively detail. 

This Random Beach Dream shirt is new and it is not very easy on the eyes but in a very good way! Pretty, it ain't. But that's a good thing!

Beer Man
Does Dad enjoy a cold beer after a hard days’ work, 18 holes, or while watching a game on TV? Or does he just like beer in general? We have several beer shirts. The most popular ones are the Beer Fest shirts

Beer Fest Hawaiian Shirts

Sushi Fan
Ahh, sushi…one of the greatest foods in the history of the universe! If your dad loves sushi more than the average joe, then one of the Mr. Sushi shirts would make a wonderful gift. 

Most dads have some degree of interest in airplanes from "they're pretty cool" to "I fly them for work". If Dad is an aviator or aviation fan, we have several airplane themed shirts to choose from. Our favorite is the Old School Air Power shirt in the sage color.


If your dad prefers more subtle styles over a shirt that screams, “ALOHA!”, you might be shopping on the wrong website. Still, we do have some shirts that aren't quite as loud as the others. Consider the something like the Palm Tree Matrix shirts. It will still have the aloha shirt vibe without being too in your face.

The shirts above are just a few suggestions to get you started. We encourage you to check out the entire range of Hawaiian shirts because the colors and patterns are so diverse. Sometimes you don’t know what you want until you see it. And when you do, you’ll know!